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Strategic Employee Benefits Planning

The key to a successful and sustainable employer-sponsored health and retirement plan is being proactive. We help our clients evaluate their current needs, explore new opportunities, and identify goals for the future – all while keeping their employees front and center.

The result is a clear, multi-year strategic plan with actionable steps to take your benefits plan from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future. We call this plan your “Playbook.”

Learn more about how a strategic benefits plan will provide a better return on investment (video).

We conduct Strategic Planning meetings with your leadership team to understand current needs and future goals for the overall benefits plan. Armed with that information we would jointly plot a 3-5-year course of action with milestones and goals. For your employee benefit program to be successful, and sustainable, seven goals need to be achieved:

  1. Employees appreciate the value of your employee benefits
  2. Employees are engaged and educated in their role as healthcare consumers
  3. Employees are supported before, during and after the claims process
  4. Cost containment achieved through innovative plan design and alternative funding strategies
  5. Compliance risk is minimized, related to federal and state requirements enforced by DOL, HHS and IRS. Not limited to ACA
  6. Corporate burden is reduced through efficient administrative procedures
  7. Benefits decisions are guided by a forward-looking multi-year plan

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