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Make Better Healthcare Decisions with Data Analytics


Many companies struggle to identify the top opportunities to improve health in their organization because they can't get access to or can't get an objective view of their claims data.

Relph Benefit Advisors helps you unlock the potential of your data and maximize the value of your employee health investments.



  • What’s driving your health plan spend?

  • How does it compare nationally?

  • Do you know what works to control costs?


We operate a team of Analysts, Actuaries and Medical Clinicians onsite. These experts have access to a unique analytics system and provide you with a business approach to managing healthcare.

  • Through continual analysis of risk and chronic disease we will develop strategic recommendations
  • We can quickly determine whether cost-containment programs are working for you and whether or not your plan design modifications are paying off
  • In-depth claims analytics help identify and prevent future health issues as well as how to get the best care for the money
  • Actuarial and Data Analytic Services
    • Rate Development, Reserve Analysis and Reporting (Self-Funding)
    • Medical and Rx-relative Plan-value Modeling
    • Clinical Utilization Analysis, Including Benchmarks
    • Gaps-in-Care Analysis
    • Migration Predictive Modeling
    • Disease Prevalence and Benchmarking
    • Carrier Renewal Review
    • Risk-tolerance Analysis

The goal is to improve the health of your population and reduce overall healthcare spend. And, because employee health is improved, you will have a happier, more productive workforce.